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Welcome to Resourcewise- home to help for making the most of what we have

Here you will find information, ideas, suggestions and opinions relating to saving cash, reducing your carbon footprint and making your environment healthier by reducing people's exposure to unnecessary toxic chemicals.

Alex Hartley, aka The Resourceress, helps people navigate easily to some (mostly!) painless tweaks to their lives; showing that they do not have to be tricky and really can have big impacts on finances, health and the environment. As finding the inclination, time and relevant information can be tricky this is where Resourcewise and The Resourceress can help!

 Being greener does not have to cost more!

This site

This site is here to provide you with reliable information on using your, and our, resources better. The aim is to do this in a very human way- telling you the basics of what you need to know and directing you to places to find out more if you are interested.

Green can be seen as smug or political, eco is really quite meaningless and being sustainable sounds boring, and frankly- who wants that?! BUT the dilemma is how to convey the message of what this site and service is all about WITHOUT using those words (which I do sometimes!)? Well, it is about working with people to use what they have in a more effective way without any sort of judgement that they were right or wrong in the 1st place! This may mean you choose that you visit the site, look at just one area, say reducing your costs and that is it. Great. However, if you want to ask something specific drop me an email or call me. Want a workshop? Let's talk! 

The ONLY definition of "right" on this website is the aim of not wasting resources; be it maximising your income, lowering your impact on the environment (don't care if you "believe" in climate change or not!) and reducing people's health risks by providing and signposting to relevant information so people can make informed decisions on what they choose to put on their bodies, eat, have in their homes etc... with regards to cutting out/ down on toxic chemicals. Three areas of focus. All in one go. That is it!

This is all done recognising we are all doing the best we can in any given moment but we can perpetually improve what we are doing!

There are three main areas of costs, carbon and chemicals where you can find information on the topics related to these areas. However, 80% of the time you will tick boxes in all 3 of these areas if you decide to try out 1 the suggestions.

Bottom line- this site is here to help people use things better for their pocket, person and planet.

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Want to save money, become more green and reduce your exposure to nasty chemicals? You have come to the right place- no magic needed!

Most of us are time-poor, cash challenged and bombarded with information from all directions. Plus what to believe, then filter out what is relevant to us  anyway?

We barely have the space to get the minimum done most of the time. Green guilt, tighter purse-strings coupled with buying and using stuff on auto-pilot can be the norm and I've wrestled with a being 21st century woman who is supposed to do this and have that.

I have got pretty fed up with all sorts of sources indicating I should be like this or do things "that" way. Plus, a lot of us want to be greener but being more "eco" seems time consuming, doesn't really make to make a difference and doesn't it normally cost more? What to do?

Several years ago I starting combining more of my know-how gained in my work life as a sustainability specialist with my love of a bargain and interest in striving to be more healthy; I started sitting down with people to act as a coach/ mirror/ signpost and now regularly help other people navigate the quickest and easiest route to reducing costs, carbon footprint and exposure to unnecessary nasty chemicals!

Thanks for visiting; do contact me if I can help!

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How does it work?

This is all done on a case by case basis as we all have different circumstances, needs and preferences. One person may be all about fair trade, but the next person wants as chemical-free a life as possible and everything has got to be organic and Soil Association certified. Another person wants to use as little money as possible while reducing, re-using and recycling (these are usually down-shifter's) or you maybe be all about the low-carbon / zero emissions economy / green-tech- great. 

HOWEVER, I know that you will still be able to reduce your costs, carbon footprint and/ or exposure to unnecessary chemicals. If not, you can have your money back (not that you have to pay visit and use this site!).

• I help Mums take the right decision about food and other important things
• I help professionals have the best solution for printing documents
• I help event organisers include an array of eco vehicles
• I help people pay a good price for their items

I have even been known to help grannies reduce their energy bills, advise Social Enterprises, facilitate workshops and help national events with the latest eco transport options.