Alex Hartley has worked in the Sustainability sector for many years now as has worked on projects and events under the sustainability umbrella, specialising in energy issues and low/ no emission transport, for many years now. This has quite often been with a partnerships, engagement and learning and development focus. For fifteen years she has been managing people, events and projects particularly with an awareness raising and learning focus. She is a pragmatist who works to getting tangible, realistic results. This has been on a local, regional and national level working with individuals, local authorities, businesses, government, academia, charities and NGO's.

She has been lucky enough to have worked with some amazing people over the years and if  she is not the right person for the job she usually knows someone who will be! She believes in collaboration, building on positives, change is possible and playing to strengths.

Why create Resourcewise & The Resourceress Alex?

"If you meet me I don't think you would think "she looks like a typical tree hugging, yoghurt weaver."  I am someone fairly mainstream who thinks it is just plain daft not to do things sustainably. Why use things that will run out one day when we don't have to? Why use things that may not be health for us when they are are equally good alternatives that don't cost more? Why pay £25 for something when you can pay £20 (as long as it isn't to someone's detriment aka child labour etc...).

I have worked under this premise personally and professionally for quite a while now and it is becoming more apparent that we all need a hand in doing this. This does not mean I think I am the most knowledgeable person there is on these matters but I think my approach is  different as I come at it from the angle that you can only help people that want to be helped but often people can be persuaded to make some changes if you can answer their "well, what is in this for me" question as rarely is anyone totally altruistic. I can do that via my 121 sessions and workshops (free to attend, starting spring 2012) and these can be supported by this website.

There are many books, articles and blogs currently available to people in the UK on how to be savvier with money, in broader cost of living terms rather than specifically in terms of financial services, methods to reduce their carbon footprint plus information and products offering alternatives to chemical laden products but there isn’t any one service that offers all three in one place. Well, there is now. Well, I am collating it and building it partly via this site and the tools and services to follow. 

I have seen that savings can be made in these three areas often all in one go. Making wins in these three areas I have identified are ALL WAYS considered on this site. I estimate about 80% the time these three areas can be hit with one solution i.e. switching to bulk buying 15l of environmentally friendly washing up liquid (Bio-D, Ecover or Dishmate) via a cashback site saves x tonnes of carbon a year, less exposure to nasty chemicals of x plus saves £x!

We can all do and use things better perpetually, (definitely me included!), but you have to start somewhere. Here is somewhere to start, build upon and maintain these important tweaks to our lives for the benefit of our selves and loved ones, our spending and our sketchy futures on this flippin' planet!".

I have resisted having a blog or site for years, this could be because of my dyslexia and other mental hurdles but it was getting to the point that that wasn't sustainable any more! Repeating myself a lot wasn't too energy efficient so this site will house information and signpost to other useful web-based resources. Plus I was getting moaned at for not having a site!

I want to live in a healthy, sustainable, green, beautiful, balanced, fair, harmonious, zero emission and peaceful world. I realise this will never happen. HOWEVER, it doesn't mean that we should strive for it and things need to be a lot better than they are now; hopefully others do as well and will find something of use on or from, this site or via contacting me.

I will never suggest or signpost something that does not have a cost, carbon or chemicals benefit. I will aim to be as transparent and straightforward to the best of my ability.

Let's all be more Resourcewise- for real benefits."

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